With our range of aromatherapy products coupled with 98% of recyclable packaging, we strive towards a sustainable future.

  • Essential Oils

    From health and protection to calming and relaxing.

  • 98% Recyclable Packaging

    All of our packaging has been specifically designed to be recyclable.

  • 100% Natural

    Our candles are hand crafted with love and care.

Our Story

We are a small family-run business with a passion for the environment and better ecological understanding and interaction. With this in mind, we turned our heads away from using traditional methods of producing candles and scented products and made an ethical decision only to produce luxury aromatherapy products that were kind to Mother Nature, our planet and ourselves.

In this competitive space we have produced a beautiful range of products that only use natural and environmentally friendly materials. The key to our steady growth has been our intuitive use of essential oils, with carefully blended scents that form our six varieties of aromatherapy expressions. Coupled with 98% recyclable packaging, we strive to become 100% sustainable by 2024.

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