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Amelia Amour

'Floral' - Set of 3 Essential Oils

'Floral' - Set of 3 Essential Oils

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Set of 3 oils.

  • 'Solace' Lavender - Calming & Relaxing, 10ml.
  • 'Serenity' Neroli - De-Stress & Let Go, 10ml.
  • 'Bewitched' Ylang Ylang - Attraction & Energy, 10 ml.

This heavenly blend includes ~ Lavender, Palmarosa, Lemongrass & Bergamot.

'Bewitched' Ylang Ylang - Attractions & Energy.

The Ylang Ylang in this blend will transport you to a calm & relaxing place while invoking energy levels to relieve stress and anxiety. Also, within this enticing aroma & aphrodisiac enhancing qualities; your inner desires can be unleashed & awakened between you & your lover. Express those hidden powerful emotions within.

This heavenly blend includes ~ Ylang Ylang, Lemongras, Lavender & Patchouli.

'Serenity' Neroli - De-Stress & Let Go

Welcome happiness & warmth into your life with the exotic Neroli essences. Fill the air with this aroma to let go of sadness, anxiety and depression. This beautiful fragrance uplifts the spirit & induces feelings of joy & contentment. Let the light shine & improve your well-being.

This heavenly blend includes ~ Neroli, Cedarwood, Rose & Bergamot.

'Solace' Lavender - Calming & Relaxing

A wonderful combination of essential oils, offering a calming affect on the mind, body & soul. This aroma positively effects your daily mood reducing life's stress, anxiety & depression. Helps to improve your relaxation and sleep. What better way to counter balance the state of mind and your inner mantra.

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