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Amelia Amour

'Woody & Citrusy' - Set of 3 Essential Oils

'Woody & Citrusy' - Set of 3 Essential Oils

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Set of 3 oils.

  • 'Tree of Life' Oud & Cypress - Happiness & Joy, 10ml
  • 'Tranquility' May Chang - Well-Being, 10ml
  • 'Nature's Gift' Pine & Eucalyptus - Health & Protection, 10ml

This heavenly blend includes ~ Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Fir Needle & Juniper Berry.

'Tree of Life' Oud & Cypress - Happiness & Joy.

Indulge & uplift your spirit with this exquisite aroma, that serves as a powerful stimulating tonic for the central nervous system. It creates a warm & happy feeling whilst soothing frustrating moments to restore calm & allow your life energies to flow more freely.

This heavenly blend includes ~ Oud, Cypress, Patchouli, Myrrh & Vetiver.

'Tranquility' May Chang - Well-Being.

Come on a journey to relieve fatigue & lethargy. This wonderful combination of oils help to stimulate the nervous system to provide clarity for positive thought & improved intellectual enlightenment. Help yourself to switch off & de-stress from those everyday woes.

This heavenly blend includes ~ May Chang, Patchouli, Bergamot & Cinnamon.

'Nature's Gift' Pine & Eucalyptus - Health & Protection.

This elixir from nature's best will repair & lift your immune system with this amazing combination of quality aromas. This blend fills the air & intricately stimulates the respiratory tract while balancing your body's ability to fight off infections & ailments. Fantastic in helping ease migraine & headaches.

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